A priori, Monkeypox and war in Ukraine have no relation. At first only…

War in Ukraine and monkeypox do they mix well? If the covid and the Monkeypox are light years away from the news in that corner of the planet, some do not hesitate to take rather easy shortcuts when it suits them.

Among them, the animators of the Russian state television Russia-1. Who produced a cult sequence, of a stupidity never seen. PropagandaWhen you hold us !

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“From a public health perspective…”

On the video shared on Twitter by Julia Davisan internationally recognized Russian media analyst, Russian columnists rant about a bunch of nonsense and create links that do not exist between war and Monkeypox.

Selected pieces : “Almost all of those who are sick are men with non-traditional sexual orientations. From a public health perspective, it is important to note that the disease is spreading through the homosexual population”.

“You won’t believe it, coincidence or not, most of the countries whose homosexuals have monkeypox supply arms to the regime in kyiv”.

What’s sicker than monkeypox? Hosts and lawmakers on Russian state TV laughing about other countries suffering from it, and gleefully claiming that—coincidentally or not—all the nations stricken with monkeypox are sending weapons to Ukraine. pic.twitter.com/dj2jY2sJ2E

—Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) May 25, 2022