War in Ukraine: Patron, the little mine-clearing dog who became a national hero

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A young jack russel terrier named Patron has become a national icon in Ukraine.

He is the star of social networks, from the top of his 53,000 subscribers on Instagram. Patron (which means “Cartridge” in Ukrainian), is a 2-year-old Jack Russel, who certainly saved many lives in the midst of the conflict against Russia.

“Originally the dog was trained for hunting. He is our family dog, not a service dog. But he has an extremely keen sense of smell, so before the war I took him with me from time to time. on the ground,” says Mikhail, his master, head of the Chernihiv demining brigade, at the microphone of BFMTV.

In the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mikhail decides it’s time to train the young dog: “I started training him to perfect his ability to smell explosives. He became our mascot!” , he explains.

Too light to trigger the mines

Patron’s job is to sniff out mines left behind by Russian forces. Then Mikhail defuses them with his team. “He smells of powder like no one else! So when he finds it, he barks to let us know, and then we take over,” continues his master.

“Dog Patron” continues to secure areas near #chernihiv in #Ukraine ud83cuddfaud83cudde6

Over the past 24 hours, together with the Chernihiv explosives and deminers of the State Emergency Service, he helped destroy 262 explosive objects.pic.twitter.com/Dy3tmTfTVG

— Alexandre Guitakos ud83cuddebud83cuddf7ud83cuddecud83cuddf7ud83cuddfaud83cudde6 (@AlexandreGTKS) May 1, 2022

Because with its relatively low weight (it weighs about four kilos), Patron is the ideal ally for detecting mines, which do not explode under its paws. These machines are triggered only if they receive a weight of five kilos.

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