War in Ukraine – The strange Russian clip against the hatred of Russians


A video shows a Siberian husky rejected from a dog party because of his origins.

The husky Sandy is very sad not to be admitted to a dog party.


As war rages in Ukraine, Russia took the time to shoot an amazing clip to condemn anti-Russian hatred. In this video released for example on Monday by the Russian Embassy in France, we see a Siberian husky rejected from a party for dogs because of his origins. But all ends well.

A young man takes Sandy, his husky, to the party. But he is refused entry as soon as his Siberian origin is announced. “Sorry, you’re not welcome here,” slices a woman before slamming the door in their face. Sandy is then very sad…

This “surprising” clip, relates “Le Parisien”, however ends with a happy ending. While humans are shouting “He’s dangerous! He’s Russian!”, the dogs fight back and come out to greet the Siberian husky with open paws. Amazed by this beautiful canine communion, humans smile again and return to better feelings.

The video concludes with the message: “Borders only exist in our heads. Stop spreading hate,” followed by the hashtag StopHatingRussians.

On Twitter, the clip generated many reactions. Many note that there is no reason to hate Russians but that it is Vladimir Putin’s politics. Others “retaliate” with much more realistic and shocking images of alleged abuses by Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

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