War in Ukraine – The video of the day: in the middle of the ruins, a puppy extracts rubble and returns to its owner

The emotional rescue took place in the village of Mykhailivka in Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine, after the area was shelled by Russian forces in an area that is now under very high tension.

A video shows the heartbreaking moment Ukrainian rescuers pull a dog from rubble in a bombed-out area of ​​Mykhailivka commune before handing it over to its shocked and worried owner.

In a statement obtained by Zenger News, Donetsk Regional Police said on April 13: “Every life counts, this is the slogan of the police and rescuers of Donetsk oblast”. And to add: “The recent shelling of the village of Mykhailivka nearly killed this 77-year-old man. He miraculously survived and his puppy had been buried under debris and dirt.”

The images indeed show rescuers digging through the rubble of a ruined building before extracting the dog and handing it to its worried 77-year-old owner.

“The old man, who nearly died in the Russian bombs, has found his dog. There is so much life in this video. So much kindness and courage from those who continue to carry out their duties under the bombardments dailies”said in particular the leadership of the National Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine in the oblast.

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