War in Ukraine: “We are starting to cook pets because there is nothing left to eat” says the deputy mayor of Mariupol

The deputy mayor of the besieged city of Mariupol spoke this Friday, April 1 on BFM TV.

This is a worrying inventory of the situation by Sergei Orlov, deputy mayor of Mariupol. Besieged since the start of the conflict, the city is the one with the most Ukrainians killed in the conflict (at least 5,000, according to a latest report published a few days ago).

But in addition to the permanent danger, the impossibility for the humanitarian convoys to come and provide support on the spot, the lack of food is beginning to be felt in Mariupol. “People have been able to survive thanks to private stocks, they share what is still left. They make big fires in the street to prepare what is left but a lot of people die then because the Russians continue to constantly bombing and shooting.”

A situation of extreme precariousness, which sometimes pushes the inhabitants to commit what still seemed unimaginable a few weeks ago. “We are already starting to cook the pets because there is nothing left to eat, it is really terrible”concludes Sergei Orlov.

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