We explain to you why this funny Google car has invited itself to Ariège

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A rather special vehicle travels the streets of Saint-Jean-du-Falga. This is a car from Google, which takes images to update the Street View service.

For the past few days, a strange car has been circulating in the town. Lots of questions about this vehicle and lots of wacky and sometimes amusing answers. No, it is not a new radar, nor a spy accessory, nor an “unidentified rolling object”, nor a combat vehicle. This is a Google Street View car.

This mobile platform is intended to photograph the environment at 360 degrees, to enrich the service (which allows you to navigate virtually on the roads). The vehicle equipped with nine cameras and lateral laser sensors records images taken at ground level of the roads and streets, which Internet users will have access to through the application which complements Google Maps and Google Earth (satellite).

This is not the first time that such a car has crisscrossed the department in all its corners. The images must be updated regularly according to a frequency related to population density, new residential or traffic areas, etc.

To reassure residents, Google has an obligation to hide faces and license plates before making these images available on the internet.

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