“We lost Pixel after an accident”: Doriane had entered another dog for “Name a dog, the most beautiful one is mine”

The biggest dog competition ever organized in Belgium continues on RTL TVI. Everyone proclaims it loud and clear: “The most beautiful is mine!”. But is it really? They were more than a thousand to register to try to prove it! But only one of them will be named “the most beautiful dog of the year!”

The moment of emotions on the set of the show “Name a dog, the most beautiful is mine”. The story of Lotus, a three-month-old Shetland dog, and his mistress, Doriane, moved the competition judges very much.You should know that when I sent my application, I had the little Pixel“, says Doriane, shaking with emotion. The candidate could not hold back the tears when showing the picture of his deceased dog.I am a photographer. We lost him after an accident with a horse during a photo shoot.

Doriane clarifies:I offered to come with this little lotus because it is the definition of positivism and hardships”. The memory of the Pixel is still very present:I made a little necklace with Pixel’s hair. That way he is also always with me. Although they are different, he is as much a distributor of happiness as Pixel.

Out of breath. Only Sandrine Dans, presenter and member of the jury, was able to outline a “wow” of emotions.
After collecting four “YES”, the adventure continues for Lotus and his mistress.

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