“We no longer know where to put them” The city of Compiègne launches with the SPA a poster campaign against the abandonment of animals

A poster campaign to raise awareness against the abandonment of pets is led by the town hall of Compiègne in partnership with the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). This latest alert on the large number of cats they welcome.

The town hall of Compiègne in the Oise has joined forces with the SPA to carry out a poster campaign on animal abandonment in the city. Summer is the time of year when we experience the peak of neglect. In July and August 2021, 16,000 animals were abandoned by their owners.

On the posters, we can see a pet on the side of the road asking his master “Ok I stay here… but you come back?

At the Compiègne SPA, there are more than 80 dogs and “a hundred kittens who will be up for adoption in about three weeks“, explains Christelle Varlet, manager of the Compiègne refuge.

Currently, the shelter has “26 relay families“who each take up to four cats. They are looking for more because with the wave that is coming, they no longer know”where to put them“.

How come there are so many abandoned cats? First of all, “if the town halls respected the laws to carry out sterilization campaigns, we would have much fewer problems.” Next, “if people could sterilize their cat, that would be great“. Because a female can make up to three litters. Each litter contains between four and eight cats.

Another problem: feral cats. “There are a lot of them making pups, so people grab the pups and come and give them awayobserves Christelle Varlet. But in the meantime, the wild cat, what will she do? Well she will make up to three litters in the year. And bingo, we take them to the SPA“.

It’s not just kittens who are affected by abandonment. Adult cats with FIV are too. “It’s called cat AIDS, it’s a disease that causes a drop in immunity in the body.explains Claire Vasseur, animal officer at the shelter. They are more prone to other pathologies but the disease may never start.”

She specifies that theFIV cat must stay with FIV congeners to avoid, if there is a fight, exchanges of flow, contaminating another cat“.

They don’t have to go out“and must stay inside”without a cat or with other IVF cats“Nevertheless, she clarifies that you can always place a healthy cat with an IVF cat, it just has to be”super sociable“.

To adopt a cat,we ask for an identity document and a proof of residence“, informs Clément Prauth, team leader. They are “vaccinated, dewormed and chipped“.

Sterilization, compulsory, is also taken into account in the adoption price and must be done “at the age of six months“. In all, the costs amount to 150 euros to reimburse those “that the SPA has incurred on the animal“.

For any information, you can contact the refuge via their website or by phone.

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