“We respect the diet as much as possible”

In 2019, the arrival of polar bears aroused the indignation of many Belgian citizens. Representatives of various animal defense associations had expressed their dissatisfaction by indicating that wild animals could not be in captivity. In response, the park had explained that “the polar bear did not live only on the ice floe”.

This endangered species is the largest terrestrial carnivore. Some can weigh up to 800 kg and reach 2.8 meters. A true carnivore, its favorite prey is the ringed seal which it watches for on the pack ice, but it can also eat animal carcasses. As we know, in Pairi Daiza, the polar bear does not live in its natural habitat. The animal park tells us that it carefully monitors the animal’s diet.

>> “We respect the diet as much as possible,” says Claire Gilissen, spokesperson for the Pairi Daiza park.

>> Here is his full explanation of how the animals are fed in the park!


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