Weight loss: here is the time to eat dinner to lose weight for sure!

will you gain weight or lose weight ? Eating late increases hunger, decreases calories burned and changes storage fats. This was revealed by a study published in October 2022 in the journal Cell metabolism. It is about a rscientific review with specialization in research regarding biology metabolism within cellular biologyof molecular biologyand some physiology.

This chrono regime or chrono-nutrition is based on a very simple postulate: losing weight (or gaining weight) is not only about What you eat or number of calories that you consume, but also what time do you eat Know that the time you choose for dinner has a big impact on weight loss.

Eating at the right times would help us lose weight

Depending on what time you eat, food is assimilated in a different way, and this can of course have consequences for weight.

The reason ? Metabolic and hormonal changesregulated by a very punctual biological clock, at different times of the day, affects the absorption and elimination of fatscarbohydrates and sugars.

To lose weight, or at least not gain weight must therefore eat and at the same time respect the body’s rhythms and, in simple terms, eat during the periods when the metabolism is most active.

According to a new study, which the American journal Cell metabolism released, eat after a certain time would be a very bad habit.

“eating late increases the risk of obesity”

We wanted to test the mechanisms that can explain why eating late increases the risk of obesity explained Frank AJL Scheer of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. And to add: “Previous research from us and others has shown that eating late is associated with an increased risk of overweight, increased body fat and less success with weight loss. We wanted to understand why”.

Doctors Frank AJL Scheer and Nina Vujovic and their team led this study with 16 people includedbody mass index (BMI) was located in the range of overweight or obesity.

Thereby, each participant followed two protocols in the laboratory: one provided for a strict meal plan at the beginning of the day. And the other predicts accurately the same planned meals about four hours later.

The researchers concluded that eating a late dinner promotes it feeling of hunger at the same time as the body’s calorie burning is reduced. Also, having a late dinner would lead to a hormonal imbalance and increase the risk of being overweight. To allow the human body to perform its role correctly, it is necessary to eat as quickly as possible.

So? What is the ideal time?

Scientists are therefore divided in two groups the participants in this study. The first had to eat dinner relatively early, namely around Blood samples were taken throughout the study and biopsies adipose tissue was performed.

“Mangry four hours later finished a significant difference in the feeling of hunger and how we store fat,” said the experts.

The first observation by scientists very clear : ” Energy consumption was significantly lower under late feeding conditions than during early feeding conditions“. In other words, the later people ate, the more their organism is stored fat. They spent an average of 5 per cent. calories less than those who ate their dinner earlier.

Dinner at 18 is therefore the perfect time to consider weight loss.

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