Launched in 2014, the e-constat application is still unknown to many motorists. Find out when to use it.

When you suffer or cause an accident, you always think of looking for your accident report at the bottom of your glove box. Except that sometimes it is desperately empty and the other motorist doesn’t have one either. In this case, no need to panic! If it is completely authorized to make an observation from a blank sheet, few motorists know that it is also possible to go through your smartphone. Indeed, since 2014, drivers can download thee-report applicationallowing you to fill out the precious document directly on the phone, then send it to your insurer in a few minutes.

Several constraints for the e-report

Nevertheless, if this service is very practical, several conditions must be met in order to be able to use the e-constat application and thus obtain compensation according to your contract. But what are they?

  • The accident must only involve two vehicles
  • It must have taken place in France
  • Cars must both be registered and insured in France
  • There must be no bodily harm

This application is therefore particularly suitable for small collisions, without injuries. If this is the case, the first thing to do is obviously to call the emergency services, then inform your insurance company. In any case, always remember to take the license plate, as well as the contact details of the other driver.

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