what are the first new features prepared by Google for smartphones?

After version 12 which focused on graphic optimizations, with a more customizable interface and more practical options for multitasking, what will be the next new features for Android smartphones?
Every year, Google releases a new version of its operating system that equips the majority of phones and tablets across the planet. The software is traditionally presented at the Google I/O conference held in May before a general public launch in the fall. The American giant could accelerate its schedule this year and launch Android 13 in the middle of summer.

The first developments of the new update can already be seen in the two beta versions of the update that have been offered in recent years to developers so that they can start adapting their applications to the future system. The specialized American site 9to5Google has identified the main changes made. They will be supplemented by some exclusive new features that will be announced during Google I/O in a month and a half.

What are the first new features of Android 13?

Most of the new features discussed at this stage relate to the ergonomics of smartphones. With Android 13, it will for example be possible to configure the vibrator with precision so as to program different vibrations depending on each event to quickly know if it’s a call, a message or an alert.

Android 13 will also optimize the use of space for large screens. It will be possible to select a notification and drag it at the top or bottom of a split screen if another app was already open. Large smartphones and tablets will also be able to display two different columns directly on the home screen and pin applications to a sort of drop-down drawer located on the lower part.

The taskbar for tablets is getting its own app drawer in Android 13

Credit: 9to5Google

Android 13 also promises to simplify the use of “multi-profile” mode so that several people can use the same device without having access to all the applications and data of its owner. The unlock screen will offer to sign in with a guest account to access a factory version of the phone. But it will also be possible to install a certain number of applications on this profile, such as Google Docs, Notes or Chat.

Another novelty, the “Do not disturb” mode should change its name and become the “priority” mode, a bit like the “Concentration” mode of the iPhone. In addition, smartphones running Android 13 will be able to automatically switch to “dark mode” and display the text on a black background at sunset to rest users’ eyes. The schedule can be set via the “Digital well-being” application already available on Android 12.

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