What are the risks of driving without insurance?

All motor vehicles must be insured; driving without insurance can expose you to a fine or even serious penalties if you cause an accident.

A Car Insurance covers you in the event of damage or accident. Although mandatory, some motorists choose to ride without insurance ; this would concern 1% of them in France! This is what they are exposed to.

Driving without insurance, a big risk for your finances

The people who drive without insurance are not only in an illegal situation, but risk having to pay large sums if they cause an accident.

Driving fine without insurance

Driving without insurance is an offense punishable by a fine of €3,750, according to article L324-2 of the Highway Code. This penalty may be accompanied by additional penalties such as suspension,license cancellation or even the confiscation of the vehicle.

However, under certain conditions, a fixed fine procedure can be implemented. The amount of the fixed fine is 500 euros, reduced to 400 euros if the settlement occurs within 15 days or increased after 45 days.

driving without insurance

The risks are high if you ride without insurance – © trendobjects

In the event of a repeat offense and if you continue to drive without insurance, the fine may be heavier, up to 7,500 euros, and may be accompanied by the cancellation of the driving license or the confiscation of the vehicle.

Since October 2019, all insured vehicles have been listed on the same file, the Insured Vehicles File. You can then be fined for lack of insurance if your license plate is not on this file, when it is read by radar or a plate recognition device.
To drive a uninsured vehicleyou can therefore receive a fine, even without a police check!

In the event of a lack of insurance, you will have to take a road safety awareness course, at your own expense. In addition, when you take out insurance for your vehicle, you will be considered a driver ” at risk ” and therefore pay a higher insurance premium. Some companies may even refuse to insure your vehicle.

If you are uninsured and you are victim of an accident, the only way to be compensated is to file a personal claim with the opposing insurer. And if it is you who are recognized responsible for an accident, you will have to compensate the victim at full price.

The penalties are even heavier if you use narcotics or in case of driving without a license.

In the event of bodily injury (if you injure or cause the death of someone), the victim and his vehicle are compensated by the Compulsory Damage Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO). You will have to repay the penalties for years, or even go into debt for a lifetime!

Driving without insurance is a crime

The Highway Code requires all land motor vehicles to have insurance. Even if your vehicle does not drive or drives very little, you must provide insurance since it can still be damaged, stolen or suffer a fire.

Some companies offer insurance at low prices “ vehicle at rest for cars that never drive.

default accident insurance

In the event of an accident, you risk a lot! – © Dmitry Kalinovsky

During a check, you must prove that your vehicle is insured. This is the role of the little green paper, the butterfly, located on the windshield of your vehicle. If it is no longer up to date, or missing, you risk a fine of 35 euros.
You must also submit your insurance green card in the event of a police check. If you do not have it, you will have to show it to the police station within 5 days, otherwise you will receive a fine of 135 euros.

You have received a fine for lack of insurance while you are insured? It may be a plate reading fault, or that you provided the wrong license plate to your insurance.
Check the details of your insurance certificate; you can dispute the fine onlinewith ANTAI (National agency for the automated processing of offenses).

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