what changes with the Suravenir Opportunits 2 and Suravenir Rendement 2 funds

As of Friday 1 April, the Suravenir Opportunits and Suravenir Rendement funds will be replaced by their successors Opportunits 2 and Rendement 2. But what differentiates the new versions from the older ones of these funds in euros?

The new Suravenir Rendement 2 and Opportunits 2 euro funds are available to savers from this Friday, April 1. Unlike their predecessors, the Suravenir Opportunites et Rendement funds, for which access to payments is closed, they are not more guaranteed 100% in capital. This means that they can potentially show a rate of return below 0%.

Opportunities 2: a partial capital guarantee 97%

Opportunits 2 offers a capital guarantee, no longer 100% but 97% with a maximum annual management fee of 3%. In case of positive returnSuravenir will apply a management fee of 0.60% and will pay a Profit Sharing (PB), as is currently the case for its predecessor. But if the return on the euro fund is negative, things get complicated for the saver. The life and provident insurance subsidiary of the Crdit Mutuel Arka group reserves the right to deduct up to 3% management fees between 0.60% and 3% and will pay no PB.

The Opportunits 2 dynamic euro fund, like Suravenir Opportunits, is made up of a bond portfolio representing at least 50% of the fund, the balance is invested in diversified vehicles (real estate, equities and structured products) to seek performance.

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Yield 2: a partial guarantee of 99.4%

The capital guarantee of the fund in euros Suravenir Yield 2 is gross of management fees. The fee will still be 0.60%. This means that Suravenir Rendement 2 offers a net height guarantee of 99.40% compared to 97% for Opportunits 2.

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What happens to the savings invested so far?

Even if you will no longer be able to deposit into the Opportunities dynamic euro fund from now on, the capital invested will continue take advantage of the annual revaluation. On the other hand, the scheduled payments on Suravenir Opportunites will be automatically sent to the fund in euros Suravenir Performance from today.

For Suravenir Rendement, only holders of contracts subscribed before April 1, 2022 will be able, according to the distributors, to continue to invest there and to benefit from the annual revaluation under the same conditions. In any case, new subscribers will only have access to Suravenir Rendement 2.

To invest in the new Suravenir Rendement 2 and Opportunits 2 funds, the access conditions remain the same. Each installment must allocate a minimum of 30% unit-linked products for Suravenir Rendement 2 and 50% for Opportunities 2.

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