What does cat purring mean?


Cats are affectionate animals that communicate their attachment to us by purring. What causes purring? What does it mean and what is purring therapy?

What causes a cat to purr?

Before discussing the different meanings of purring in cats, it is necessary to understand how it works.

This regular, dull sound occurs in the diaphragm and larynx. It arises from a muscular vibration. The cat emits it in the phases of inspiration and expiration, without altering its respiratory capacity. Its intensity varies according to the mood of the cat.

Note that a loud purr may involve a particularly high demand for attention. Like meowing or whistling, it is a means of communication in its own right for your pet.

Why does my cat purr?

In general, the purring of a cat (or kitten) is likened to a well doneto the manifestation of a positive behavior.

This noise then expresses the contentment of the animal for various reasons. For example, his domestic comfort, the attentions of his master, a moment of tenderness or quite simply a state of peace and relaxation.

A cat may also purr when its owner provides care, such as grooming. Purring can also occur just as the animal is waiting to be served. We are possibly talking about purrs of solicitation.

Finally, your cat can also purr in stressful situations. According to some scientific research, purring could act as an analgesic and contribute to the healing of bodily traumas and even illnesses. In the situation of a dying cat, purring may indicate more or less acute pain.

This is true in the following cases:

What is purr therapy?

If we denote proven benefits of purring for your cat, it is the same for his master and his entourage. This sound is emitted at low frequencies, between 20 and 50 Hz. It would also have soothing properties on the human body.

Again, some scientific studies indicate that cat owners are less prone to heart disease and cardiovascular accidents. In question ? An appeasement of stress that causes a drop in blood pressure.

We then speak of purring therapy. It is also recommended for people with depression. The presence of a cat at home helps to improve the psychological and moral balance of the people around it.


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