What is eleucerobin, this molecule which could become a remedy against cancer?

American researchers have managed to synthesize the chemical compound in the laboratory.

A major discovery that will perhaps revolutionize the way of treating the cancer. A team of American scientists has found a way to recreate eleucerobin in the laboratory. It’s a chemical produced by a type of soft coral found off the coast of Florida that is believed to have anti-cancer properties.

The researchers observed that the soft corals studied used eleukerobin to protect itself from predators and that it prevented the growth of cancer cells.

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Tests to verify its effectiveness against cancer

In fact, the scientific world has been aware of the existence of this anti-cancer molecule since the 1990s but has never yet succeeded in recreating the genetic code for the synthesize.

Unlike other compounds discovered in animals, eleucerobin is made to be ingested and therefore more digestible. It could be administered as pill if it became a medicine.

The study published in the journal “Nature Chemical Biology” indicated that tests to verify the effectiveness against cancer of eleukerobin could be carried out if one could produce in large quantities.

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