what is home insurance for?

Fire, water damage, burglary… Home insurance protects the home, covers rental risks and compensates the victims for the damage suffered. However, even today, many tenants still take the risk of living without insurance, despite the sanctions that await them. What is home insurance really good for? We tell you everything!

Home insurance: a tenant’s obligation

You have finally found the rare pearl and will soon be moving into your new home? Tenant, you only have a few steps left before starting your new life. The next, to do just before signing the lease, is to take out home insurance. Whether it is an apartment or a house, you are subject to this obligation established by the law of July 6, 1989, which requires all tenants to take out insurance to cover the risks and damage caused. as part of the rental. The tenant is thus required to present a certificate of his home insurance to his lessor, who may request it each year and, above all, to quickly declare any loss to the insurer, respecting the deadlines imposed by the latter.

It is therefore in the greatest interest of the tenant to have rental insurance in case his liability is engaged. Liability which, under certain conditions, can be waived if it is proven that the fault lies with another person, either the lessor, a third party, or a case of force majeure. Anyway, it is essential to remember the importance of being insured.

The tenant is not the only one who needs to be insured. Indeed, it is strongly advised that the owner also take out insurance, even if his tenant is insured, in order to avoid any dispute if his liability were to be incurred in the event of damage. For example, if the fault is attributed to the owner following a hidden defect or in the event of dilapidation and inaction on his part, the owner risks first a formal notice and then legal proceedings (in extreme cases). It is therefore in everyone’s interest to take out insurance to protect themselves and be able to repair the damage quickly.

In order to prevent the slightest problem, the tenant must imperatively know the responsibilities which belong to him: beyond the charges, the rent, we therefore find the repair of the damage, the insurance, but also the routine maintenance of the premises, the management nuisances.

What does home insurance cover?

As a general rule, home insurance includes basic guarantees aimed at protecting property and individuals. Whether the liability is incurred or the insured is the victim, home insurance covers at least the civil liability of the insured, in particular in the event of damage caused to a third party in the private context. But it also covers the main risks: for example, after a water leak, an infiltration or a fire, home insurance compensates you for the damage caused. In addition to these essentials, it is possible to add options to your guarantees (breakage of glass, theft, vandalism, etc.) according to your profile, your place of residence, your driving style and your needs. Options that will be very useful for goods that will require repair or replacement with significant costs.

How to choose your home insurance?

As for a mutual or a bank, there are many insurance organizations offering this service. The important thing is to choose the home insurance that will best suit your needs. To select it well, certain points are to be closely monitored and will require more attention to avoid unpleasant surprises after signing and in the event of a claim. But above all, to save money and shorten your monthly bills, the right method will be to use a home insurance comparator so as not to miss out on the best offers and in particular to avoid the trap of advantageous insurance with too low coverage. for your needs.

But before that, here are the elements that you will have to take into consideration during your search:

  • Guarantees covered
  • Warranty exclusions
  • The compensation limit
  • The cost of deductibles to be paid
  • Waiting periods
  • The amount of contributions
  • Other general and specific conditions
  • The insurance premium

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