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Almost every internet user has seen doodles before. Yes, those who have a preference for the Google search engine have already seen doodles. It’s those little animations, fun changes to the Google logo. During the Christmas holidays, for example, you can see Santa’s cart and reindeer passing by at the top left of the search engine. But where did the idea to create the doodles come from? Who decides on their creation and how does the Google team select the event? Can Internet users submit their doodle ideas?

Google doodles, where does this idea come from?

The concept of doodles dates back to the 90s, more precisely in 1998. In other words, doodles were created long before the Google company was founded. When they participated in the Burning Man Festival, the two founders of Google: Sergey and Larry decided to rework the company logo. To do this, they placed a little man behind the second O. Through this modification, Larry and Sergey wanted to convey a humorous message (they were out of the office) to all Google users. Despite the fact that this first doodle was simple, it can be said with certainty that this is when the idea of ​​decorating the logo began. At the beginning of 2000, the founders of the company asked Dennis Hwang, the webmaster (intern) to create something for the national holiday. The bet was successful since Internet users liked the result. Besides, this allowed Dennis Hwang to get hired and take on the position of doodle manager. Since then, the doodles started to be more frequent. And if they marked only the most well-known parties at the beginning. Today, they highlight different events. To find out more about these fun little animations, other information can be found on idealogeek.fr.

Who creates the doodles?

google doodle
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At Google, a webmaster team meets regularly to find out which event will be commemorated by a doodle. The ideas exchanged come not only from Google employees, but also from different sources. Especially internet users. Once the events have been chosen, engineers or doodlers start working on them. To find original and innovative ideas, these doodlers are very receptive to proposals from Internet users. Indeed, Google users can send their ideas to the address [email protected]. Every day, doodlers receive hundreds of proposals. When we talk about Google doodle, we also think of Doodle Games. These games were developed specifically to teach kids and anyone who is passionate about programming/coding/game development. During the 2020 lockdowns, several of its original titles were resurrected to help fans kill time. Among the latter was Coding for Carrot. This game consists of guiding a little rabbit through puzzles. On its way, the rabbit is invited to pick up carrots. Then there is also Doodle Champion Island Games, Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat, etc.

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