what is the best GPS app?


Waze or Google Maps? Auto Plus compares the two most popular navigation apps of the moment. Their strengths, their shortcomings, you can make your choice after reading this article.

Although they are controlled by the same company (Google bought Waze in 2013), the two applications are not not identical. They have both their respective advantages and disadvantages. So we organized this “match” which compares several of their very specific characteristics.


There, let’s say it, there is draw. Waze as Google Maps indeed work with all Android and iOS systems, even older versions. Both apps are also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This allows them to be displayed on the car’s central screen, or even on the digital dashboardif the car is equipped with it of course.


Waze proposing fewer features than Google Mapshis interface is necessarily simpler. However, since we are talking about a use mainly drivingit is an indisputable asset. This round is for Waze.

Maps and navigation

As for the wealth of cartographywe again declare a ex aequo. Both applications are very complete. He is virtually impossible not to find the place where we want to go.

Corn Waze makes a difference at the time of navigation, because it calculated the routes in real time and can automatically recalculate the route depending on traffic throughout the journey. And this more efficiently than Google Maps, thanks to its huge participative community. It’s worth it one more point.

Alerts and Advertising

It is one of the few aspects irritants from Waze. At the slightest stop, it displays unwanted advertisements on almost the entire phone screen. Admittedly, it can be useful to know that we have a good restaurant or a nice shop 500 meters away, but we also know distracted people who have changed their destination unintentionally trying to remove an ad.

Conversely, on Google Maps, no or little advertising.

Corn Waze resumes the advantage in matter alerts, either memorized by the application, or communicated by other users. Traffic jams, construction sites, mobile or fixed speed camerasvehicle stopped, objects on the road… Waze is of a great help, and is thus forgiven for its “commercial” side. One point for her.

Data usage

Downside of all this information in real time: Waze consumes data from your plan mobile without counting. Better to know this when you start on the road, especially if you use a prepaid card.

The data consumption is therefore less problematic with Google Mapsespecially since the application allows you to Download at the house of maps of often frequented areas. Clearly, we can navigate without mobile connection. Of course, you can also download maps with Waze, but this function is not native to the application.

So you have to know how to do it. Winner: Google Maps.

Other Features

a few more ex aequo : both apps offer the voice commandpoints of interest on your route or at your destination, and research can be done by category filters.

A dot for Google Maps and its functions “satellite view” and Street View. It is certainly a little unsettling for some in navigation mode, but the display, on arrival, of a photo of the destination where you are going for the first time is very practical.

One point for Waze and its possibilities of personalization. Because who doesn’t want to replace the little navigation arrow with the his car logo or a “Pooh” emoji, and who doesn’t want to be guided by Scooby-Doo’s voice or Batman?


4 to 2, victory for Waze. A verdict can be very subjective. Google Maps may take over to guide you by bike or on footthanks to a better consideration of public transport, for example. But we are Auto Moreand we hope to have taken into account the daily concerns main motorists.

To reach the destination by avoiding as much as possible plugs and speed camerasisn’t that what we all want?

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