What is the legal protection relating to insured property?

What cases are covered by legal protection?

Legal protection relating to insured property can be invoked in various cases. For example, it can be triggered in connection with the purchase or sale of real estate if, for example, the buyer of your home refuses to sign the deed of sale, that you notice poor workmanship in the accommodation after the purchase, that you realize that the technical diagnoses are incorrect, etc. But it is also possible to assert legal protection as a tenant, if your landlord refuses to carry out compulsory work, if you wish to dispute the amount of the charges. If you carry out work in your home, here again, you can benefit from legal protection, such as in the context of a badly installed kitchen, a dispute concerning a domestic subscription (telephone in particular), in the context of a problem with housing equipment such as furniture. Conflicts that concern co-ownership are also concerned, such as those that may involve contesting a general meeting resolution, co-ownership charges. If you find any problems as a result of work done to the house, you are also covered. Finally, conflicts that affect neighbors are also guaranteed, such as noise pollution, the challenge of a building permit, the absence of pruning which is the responsibility of a neighbor, etc.

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