what is the new “animal emergency” card?

By Sudouest.fr

With the mention “My animal is alone at home”, it allows you to alert one or more people who can intervene in the home of his master or mistress.

“My pet is alone at home! “: slipped into the wallet or the papers, thanks to a small card, this sentence will allow the owners of one or more pets to launch the alert to prevent their protected from finding themselves in a situation of distress or in the pound after a accident, hospitalization or even death.

This emergency card has been launched by the City of Périgueux as part of its animal condition action plan. It is available free of charge and on request from the reception of the town hall. Completed with the names and contact details of one or more trusted people, it will alert them in the event of a medical emergency or problem so that they can intervene at the master’s home. It is advisable to keep it on you.

Municipal police, firefighters, paramedics, hospital services or even veterinarians can use one of the emergency contacts mentioned.

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