What is the primary trigger for asthma attacks?


Passive smoking is the first factor triggering an asthma attack. Monitoring of heating modes and bedding.

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases, it affects 3.5 million French people. Australian researchers wanted to understand the factors responsible for triggering asthma attacks. For this, they analyzed 56 studies conducted with more than 137,000 people. These findings were published in the Journal of Asthma.

Unsurprisingly, the number one trigger for asthma attacks is passive smoking as reported by The Conversation. Indeed, patients are often surrounded by people who smoke, whether at home or at work. As the researchers point out, inhaling smoke disrupts the normal development of the lungs and the immune system. Passive smoking therefore causes irritation of the respiratory tract: “Children were the main victims of passive smoking, exposed to the smoking of their parents, especially mothers, at home“.

Pay attention to bedding

Other risk factors are linked to the onset of asthma attacks and are present in all homes. This is the case with bedding. “When made of non-natural fibers, such as microfiber, nylon or acrylic materials, it contains higher levels of allergens and dust mites, compared to bedding made of feathers. The firmer weave of feather pillows makes them a more protective barrier against allergens“, detail the authors in The Conversation.

After passive smoking and bedding, the study points to the role of heating methods. Indeed, there are more carbon dioxide emissions in homes that have gas heating. “Our research shows the importance of focusing on preventing some common family environmental factors to prevent asthma symptoms“, conclude the scientists. To minimize the risk of suffering from an asthma attack, it is therefore recommended to emphasize the interest of changing bedding, not smoking in enclosed spaces, etc. .

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