what solution for those who can not do it?

What if, before going on vacation, we entrust our dog to a passionate person, agreeing to take care of it just out of love for our 4-legged friends? This is precisely what ” Borrow My Doggie », a matchmaking platform for dog sitters.

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A solution for more and more canine owners who, by choice or by constraint, have less time and availability to devote to their dogs, especially during the big summer departures.

Going on vacation is, indeed, a real headache for teachers. Can they be accompanied by their dogs? If they can’t do it, who will guard them? The majority would like to be able to do so, considering that 85.4% of French people consider the animal to be a member of the family (study Esthima / Woopets 2022). They are however one in two (54.4%) to declare taking their canine friend on vacation in the summer.

When the conditions are right (distance, visit to family, bordering country of destination, etc.), these owners accompanied by their dogs on vacation prefer the car. They are 58% to turn to this solution. That is nearly 5 times more than those who choose accommodation where animals are accepted, while 6.9% opt for the train and 6.2% go by plane (long-distance travel) with their doggie.

People who do not take their dog on vacation in the summer do so mostly out of constraint. Only 24.7% of owners say they leave without their animal by choice. Two-thirds of those who would have liked to, but cannot bring their faithful quadrupeds, say they have not found a solution.

For more than a quarter (25.8%), the holiday location chosen is not pet-friendly, while for nearly 12%, it is the excessively high costs that constitute an obstacle. Finally, 4.6% of owners unable to take their dog on vacation say they fear its behavior once it arrives at its destination.

Have your dog looked after for free by a passionate person

For all those people having to separate from their best friend for a while, Borrow My Doggie offers a solution that stands out resolutely from the crowd. It is based, in fact, on 2 principles which are free and passion.

Concretely, thanks to this platform, an owner having to be absent can have his dog looked after by someone without financial compensation. The person who takes care of the animal does it for the pleasure and being motivated by the love of dogs and not by money. These enthusiasts are generally those who love canines but cannot have them.

Borrow My Doggieit is therefore a community made up, on the one hand, of canine owners looking for a care solution (work, holidays, leaving for the weekend, etc.), and on the other, people who love dogs, don’t have one themselves and are willing to take care of it out of passion.

The video below, made up of reports broadcast on France 3, M6 and C8introduces the concept ofBorrow My Doggie :

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