what to do in case of loss?

Essential, the insurance certificate must always be in your possession. But what should you do if you have lost it?

In the same way as the driving license and the gray card, the insurance certificate must always be with you when you get behind the wheel. Indeed, the one that is also called green card is used to prove that your vehicle is covered by insurance, and you must therefore always be able to present it to the police in the event of an inspection. If you cannot, know that you risk a fine of 135 €, even if your car is indeed insured. In other words, it is better to always have your certificate with you. But what if you just lost it? What are the steps to take. Do not panic, we tell you everything.

Have you lost your insurance certificate?

It sometimes happens that we lose our most important papers, or that thieves steal them from us, especially if you tend to leave them in your car. Anyway, you have to act quickly to avoid many problems. First of all, you must go to the police station as soon as possible, in order to report the loss or theft, and possibly lodge a complaint in this 2nd case. The police will then give you a declaration receipt, which will allow you to continue driving without an official green card.

In the process, you will also need to notify your insurance company. The latter is then obliged to provide you with a duplicate within a fortnight. Beyond that, you can send him a formal notice by registered mail if you have not received anything. It is also possible to enter the mediator if you still have no news.

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