What would happen during a zombie invasion of the United States?

Scientists have come up with a scenario where zombies invade New York, the largest city in the United States. And to assess that the chances of survival there would be very low.

Fantasized in many fantasies, zombies have virtually no chance to enter the reality of the world. However, this has not stopped scientists from taking an interest in what would happen if such an epidemic were to appear in the United States. A study conducted by the team of Alex Alemi, then a graduate student at Cornell University, and published on March 5, 2015. Results reported by Business Insider.

Hypothetical zombie epidemic in the US: transport greatly affected

To do their work, the researchers relied on classic disease patterns to estimate the infection rate of zombies. It was estimated that the latter could only infect humans via a bite, that they only moved while walking, and that they generally had to be hit on the head to be neutralized. Simulations have been carried out at the transport infrastructure level and these would very quickly be out of order in the event of a zombie invasion.

Faster infections in densely populated areas

The observation is obvious: In densely populated places like New York, the largest city in the United States, the risk of infection would be significantly higher than elsewhere. It was only almost a month later that these places would become safe again, unlike the surrounding areas.

The Rockies as an ideal retreat

Under such conditions, places almost devoid of life would automatically form perfect refuges. The Rockies would thus appear as a point to reach to limit the risk of crossing to the other side. But an educated population would probably be too large to be crammed onto these mountains, not to mention likely to be swallowed up by the mobs on the road. “Every man for himself” would then most likely prevail, as in all situations of panic or despair.

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