Health: when animals help to heal us

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On the 1 p.m. set of France 2, Thursday April 7, journalist Valérie Heurtel explains how certain animals such as dogs, bees or fish can help treat us.

Journalist Valérie Heurtel highlights the work carried out at the Institut Curie. She explains that they use “Dogs’ nose for detecting breast cancer. They are made to sniff compresses that have been impregnated with the smell of the breast, they know how to detect the smell of cancer. It also works for prostate cancer and for the diabetes”, she describes, on the set of 13 Hours, Thursday April 7, adding that it requires six months of training. Equipped with a very good sense of smell, the ants could later replace them.

For treatment, hope may come from bees. According to Australian researchers, “their venom contains melitin: it is a toxin that would be able to treat the most aggressive form of breast cancer. It worked very well on mice, now we have to do trials on humans”, reports the journalist. Finally, fish skin dressings were tested five years ago in Brazil. Tilapia skin “contains collagen which activates healing and also Omega 3 which acts as anti-inflammatories”concludes Valérie Heurtel.