when resuming his tour he has a gesture that shocks the whole family (video)

The postman drops off a package: when resuming his tour, he makes a gesture that shocks the whole family (video)

The images from this surveillance camera are quite shocking.

In the video below, the face of the person in question is blurred but we can visibly see his uniform which belongs to the Royal Mail courier company in England.

A package delivery gone wrong

The postman is delivering a parcel to a house in Greater Manchester when a dog runs towards the delivery man at the door.

Moments later, the man starts screaming and appears to kick the dog into the driveway.

The pooch runs away at full speed as the postman leaves the property.

In a state of shock

Following the incident, the teenager who answered the door for the postman was frozen in place and in tears.

Since that terrible moment, the dog is afraid to go to the door when someone rings the doorbell and starts shaking.

The owner of the pooch has lodged an official complaint with the Royal Mail company.

A formal apology letter

The postman told his employers that it was not a “deliberate kick” because the animal would have bitten him and it was a reflex.

The Royal Mail company has apologized to the family for the upset caused.

The company said they are working closely with their health and safety team to ensure their staff are fully aware of their behavior towards loose animals at the time of deliveries.

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