Which insurance to choose for your dog?

What does pet insurance look like?

First, it seems important to make the difference between compulsory insurance (such as motor vehicle insurance) and optional insurance – this is the case, for example, of dog or cat insurance. Some people want to protect their little companion as much as possible by offering them the best possible guarantees, which is completely legitimate! The expenses represented by an animal are often very significant, and the simple fact of taking out specific insurance can reduce the cost of care and medication. This support can be partial, or even total in some cases. We are still talking here about significant expenses related to hospital costs, surgical procedures and other consultations with the veterinarian.

As with any device of this kind, pet insurance offers different levels of guarantee from one contract to another. Hence the interest of looking in more detail at the services offered, in order to choose the insurance best suited to the situation. The insurance comparator is a tool that can help you in this regard.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Most of the time, a pet insurance policy ranges between 10 euros on average for a NAC (new pets) and up to 35 euros per month for a dog. The exact amount of your guarantee will depend above all on the breed of your animal as well as its age. Everything can also depend on the amount of compensation you wish to receive!

Given the multitude of existing contracts, using the services of an online insurance comparator can quickly become essential. This tool, which is completely independent and transparent moreover, makes it possible to judge objectively the level of guarantee offered by the main offers on the market.

Which dog insurance comparator to choose?

The insurance comparator for dogs and cats is probably the most effective online tool. This allows you to compare a multitude of contracts by providing a certain amount of essential information about your situation and that of your 4-legged friend (breed and sex of the animal, date of birth, medical history, etc.). .). The comparison is done in just 2 minutes, and you are sure to be able to make a free, no-obligation quote. Three formulas are generally offered during the entry of your personal information: an economy formula (with moderately covered illness coverage), a medium formula (with an intermediate level of reimbursement of health costs) and a premium formula (with full reimbursement in case of illness of your animal).

You now know more about insurance comparators for dogs and cats online! Note that the insurance comparator also allows you to compare the levels of guarantee and coverage for your motor vehicle or your home insurance.

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