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With James Manyika, Google relied on experience to choose its senior vice president for technology and society. After 30 years at McKinsey, the Zimbabwean is recognized for his research work in innovation. Portrait.

It’s a small revolution: Google has appointed its very first vice president in charge of technology and society. The lucky winner, Zimbabwean James Manyika, left his post as director of the McKinsey Global Institute, the research branch of the famous consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, last January. Part of Alphabet’s leadership team and reporting directly to CEO Sundar Pichai, James Manyika will be responsible for “shaping and sharing Google’s views on how technology affects society”, is it specified in a press release from the Mountain View firm.

More specifically, he will help define Google’s vision on issues such as the future of work, artificial intelligence or sustainable development. Themes of reflection that are dear to this native of Harare, recognized for his work at the crossroads between the future of work, artificial intelligence and robotics, and experienced in the world of Big Tech.

  • Rhodes scholar (as Bill Clinton)

After studying at the Prince Edward School in Harare, then at the University of Zimbabwe, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, James Manyika flew to Oxford thanks to the Rhodes scholarship, which allows foreigners to come and study in the prestigious British university. He obtained several degrees there, including a PhD in robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • Silicon Valley Veteran

Hired in 1994 at McKinsey, James Manyika spent 28 years with the consulting firm, the last 20 of which from the offices of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), in Silicon Valley, of which he was appointed director in 2009. title, the Zimbabwean has advised many tech business leaders.

James Manyika with British Prime Minister Theresa May in September 2017. © Raul Mee/Flickr/CC License

James Manyika with British Prime Minister Theresa May in September 2017. © Raul Mee/Flickr/CC License

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