Who is the master of the dog? Can you find the answer!

In today’s visual challenge, you will be able to work on your visual abilities and also call on your intuition and reflection without time limits. This challenge seems simple, but it’s not that easy to find the solution.

Visual Challenge: Dogs are man's best friend!

Visual Challenge: Dogs are man’s best friend!

Visual challenge: when you are demotivated, tired and preoccupied. You will have trouble concentrating and this will now limit your productivity. Also, in your daily life, it can be very restrictive.

Indeed, we are used to always being at full speed, and never resting and multitasking. This is our great specialty! Jumping from one task to another and being constantly interrupted.

Today, with smartphones and notifications, the door is open to everything! We are constantly busy and distracted and it is difficult to focus on one thing at a time. However, these bad habits age your brain function.

Solutions to improve your concentration

Solutions to improve your concentration

Visual challenge: don’t worry! There are now a lot of methods to improve your powers of concentration. And also improve your productivity while doing good for your mental health.

Indeed, being and staying focused on a single task can be learned and your brain will thank you for it! For this, here are some techniques to achieve this. First, if you’ve never tried meditation, do it! If you can’t do it on your own, because you don’t know how to do it, call a professional. You can’t imagine the virtues it can have.

Also, sport brings oxygen to your neurons. Yoga is the best sport to boost your concentration. Similarly, precision activities such as golf, pétanque, billiards, archery…. Indeed, these activities allow you to improve your attention on a particular thing.

Besides, dancing is also a joyful way to optimize your memory. These are not the only activities you can do. As long as you like it, don’t hesitate, pleasure above all! Finally, you have to do the challenges and tests that the Leenkus editorial staff offers you!

Discover the visual challenge

Discover the visual challenge

Know that in this visual challenge, only 10% of the participants managed to find the solution. So, you have been warned, the bar is high! It is very simple. The goal? You must then find which character out of the three is the master of the dog waiting behind the glass. You have to look carefully at the image above. The smallest detail can help you!

Moreover, the solution is hidden in a tiny detail. Where is he ? Come on, we’ll give you a hint! What is the accessory that connects a dog and his master during a walk?

Here is the solution to this visual challenge

Here is the solution to this visual challenge

The solution to this visual challenge is as follows. The owner of the animal is the third man in the center of the illustration. For what reasons ? Look carefully… A piece of green leash hangs from the chair… It is actually the same color as the dog’s neckband. So, have you found the right answer?

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