who wants to become an investigator for the SPA?

The Royannais has been the head-coordinator of volunteer-investigators at the SPA, in the Gironde and Charente-Maritime since 2017. Like the twenty volunteers he manages, the young retiree does not spare his time to rescue dogs, cats, horses, ferrets… the claws of malicious owners or simply overwhelmed by the situation.

Rigor, tenacity and sensitivity

Before going on site, the volunteer collects information from the flagman, the neighborhood, the town hall… Then comes the visit to meet the animal and its owner. A moment that can be tricky because “often animal distress is accompanied by human distress”, underlines Philippe Defossez. This is why the first meeting is always done in pairs. “We try to be neutral, objective, to analyze the situation with regard to regulations and benevolence. »

The investigator can, for the most serious situations, file a complaint. But in the majority of cases, he discusses, makes proposals for improvements for the animal using pedagogy. “At the SPA, recovering the animal is not a priority,” adds the volunteer. We prefer to leave it in its environment as much as possible. »

“You need a natural sensitivity for animal benevolence, but not too much either. Because it is important to know how to manage your emotions in the face of complicated situations. Like when he discovers this Staff scalped, scalded, stabbed by its owner in Lormont. This mission also requires rigor and tenacity.

Today, the SPA needs investigators, mainly in Charente-Maritime, in the Arcachon basin, in the north-east of the Gironde, the Dordogne. “We would need to double the workforce to carry out this mission. Although little known, it plays an important role in the fight against animal abuse.

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