Why are black cats said to be unlucky?


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published by Gabriella on Feb 17, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

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After wondering why men prefer blondes, we are interested in cats. In your opinion, Why are black cats said to be unlucky?

black cats

Why is it said that meeting a black cat is bad luck?

If you’re superstitious, you’ve probably changed sidewalks when you come across a black cat. This ebony feline is synonym of misfortune in France, in several countries in Europe and around the world. How to explain the reputation of this animal?

This belief dates back to ancient Egypt. While cats with light coats were deified, those with dark coats were associated with the Ethiopian enemy, himself equated with the devil. The shortcut is then done quickly and the black cat becomes the reincarnation of the devil.

In the Middle Ages, the reputation of black cats did not improve. Indeed, this feline was the favorite animal of witches. During witch hunts, ebony cats were also hunted down and persecuted, ending up at the stake like their mistresses.

Fortunately, in some countries the black cat lucky charm. In England, having a dark-haired cat at home was the guarantee of bringing a good fiancé to the young girl of the house. A legend says that Napoleon would have seen a black feline pass before the battle of Waterloo, which was won by the English. Among the Scots, the ebony coated cat is synonymous with prosperity.

If these legends are distant, even today the black cat is the subject of negative superstitions. These felines remain the least adopted in shelters, often for fear of misfortune.

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