Why are some animals totally drunk at this time of year?

For several days, a deer had been spotted making big leaps and getting bang your head against the wall. And it’s not the only one, there are many stories of tipsy deer in the local press.

Last week at Rouena deer was saved by the firefightershe had just thrown himself into the Seine. In the SaƓne, there are 3 of them who were wandering around in a disoriented way. A phenomenon also observed in the Orne, the Massif Central and even in the Lot.

To explain this phenomenon, the animals ingestedfermented alcohol. Indeed, at this time of the year, the trees flower and bud. And deer love these small budsthat they consume in large quantities. Except that once swallowed, they act like a psychotropic which makes the animals completely drunk and dangerous. Deer have, indeed, bad alcohol.

But these are not the only animals in which this is the case. This has already happened in the African savannah with elephants or even the wallabies who love to step into the poppy fields and “get high with it”.

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