why do they leave the manger?

The birds are greedy, but also very capricious, they will not hesitate to abandon their feeder if they no longer want it ! Find out what are the reasons that make our companions flee !

Why do the birds no longer come to my feeder?

Do the birds no longer want the seeds you offer them in your feeder? Do not panic ! It often happens that birds take time to get used to a new feeder. Keep an eye out, they will surely come! If your feathered friends still aren’t pointing their beaks, the first reason may be simple: the food offered does not please them ! It has either taken on moisture or is not suitable for the species of birds present in your garden. Consider changing the type of food and clean your feeder often ! Brush it with a little vinegar to remove parasites or germs. Don’t forget to change your feeder location, away from hedges and possible predators! Indeed, the birds will not approach if they sense the presence of a cat or a bird of prey !

Why should we stop feeding the birds in summer?

From spring, nature provides enough food for the birds: insects, seeds, fruits… This is why it is no longer essential to give them seeds in your feeder. Also, with the heat, the food can become rancid and the birds will no longer want to eat it. In March and April, the risk of transmission of bacterial and viral diseases among birds is more raised ! It is therefore not advisable to attract them to the foot of your feeder! The LPO recommends feeding the birds only in cold weather. Indeed, during spring and summer, they will remain dependent on a place where they are constantly fed and this will have influence on their way of life.


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