Why does the cat lick us at the slightest opportunity? For 3 obvious reasons! Do we deliver them to you now?

2022 is not the year of the cat, but even so, let’s talk about our beloved pet. Why do cats lick us whenever they get the chance? Indeed, this one licks our hands or our face and we often wonder what is going through his head at that moment. We tell you right away, it’s not what you think! How to interpret this recurring gesture which can be sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant? We will try to shed some light on the matter for you in this article. Let’s go !

Why does the cat lick us? 3 simple reasons!

Of course, it’s no surprise that your cat licks your hands when they still smell of fish or the smell of food you’ve just cooked. However, cat language is so explicit and meaningful that it could mean other things. Here are 3 possible explanations for you. Take note!

To mark his territory

mark territory cat licking 2022

All cats do it and so does yours! They use pheromones to mark their territory. In general, they do this most often while urinating. Licking and rubbing the snout against the head are other methods. It’s his way of showing you his affection while putting his stamp on you. Thus, he shows you that you are part of his inner circle.

Why the cat licks us 2022

It reminds you of something, doesn’t it? Here you unfortunately do not have much to say. In short, you belong to him. By this action initiated by its pheromones, no other cat will be able to approach you or harm you. In summary, when your cat licks or rubs you, he confirms that you are important to him. Plus, he wants all the other cats to know.

By love

why the cat licks for love 2022

Licking is clearly a sign of affection that can turn into love. Whether or not cats experience such complex emotions remains unclear, experts say, but it seems possible. Moreover, as for us, the cat attaches great importance to its hygiene. This is also why they lick themselves to clean themselves up. There ” cat toilet »does that mean anything to you?

the cat licks us out of affection 2022

However, it also probably stems from a childhood memory. Indeed, your cat remembers the period when he was still a little kitten. Period when his mother, out of love, took the greatest care of him by licking him. This therefore reinforces the idea that cats lick each other as a sign of affection. And one thing leading to another would demonstrate their affection by doing the same with humans. It’s beautiful love isn’t it?

To take care of you

licking the cat out of affection 2022

Let’s end with a hypothesis that has made its way: cats would think that we are also cats to be taken care of. They would show kindness by showing all his generosity as well as his protective and emotional side towards you. For better, but also for worse when your cat brings you live animals to show you his exploits, or even to share them. If your cat brings you a dead mouse or bird on a tray, its predatory nature takes over.

why cats lick 2022

Finally, and it is often for this reason that we have chosen it as a docile and affectionate pet, the cat, like the therapy dog, is very sensitive to our moods. Thus, as a great observer of our moods, he feels when something is wrong with us. Indeed, it is by licking you that the cat proves to be a formidable ally in combating stress.

How to react when the cat licks us?

what to do when the cat decides to lick us 2022

We understand you perfectly: a lick from a cat is not always very pleasant or comfortable depending on when it happens. Indeed, his tongue has “hooks” that point backwards, it is not always a cakewalk to have to support them on the face for example! Indeed, these are designed to pull and brush the hair like a comb.

why cats lick 2022

Because you too have affection for him, be patient and indulgent with him. This moment being important for him, try to let him. Keep in mind that if he licks you, it’s to show you all his love. Therefore, do not disappoint him by showing your displeasure or disgust! Finally, consider doing him good too by creating a pretty little cat house for him.

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