Why does your dog scratch his pillow before bed? We tell you everything

As an animal, it is quite natural that the dog has different behaviors from us who are human beings. The list of actions that may seem strange to us is quite long. One of the behaviors that can be difficult to understand is the fact that the animal scratches its cushion before lying down. It’s something he can do every time he’s getting ready to sleep. Here are some clarifications on this behavior.

Why is he acting this way?

dog scratching cushion

The reasons why an animal behaves in a certain way are not always obvious. It may happen that our four-legged friend starts scratching his cushion before sleeping on it. Rest assured, this is not an isolated case. It is a behavior that can be exhibited by many dogs across the globe. Our faithful companion has no particular concerns. Moreover, this behavior can be motivated by various reasons.

Pet comfort and safety

These two elements are more than important for the well-being of the animal. The latter will ensure, in a natural way, to ensure their comfort and safety in their place of living. It should be noted that the environment in which the dog lives can also be the refuge of other living beings which are not all beneficial for its health and well-being. Its cushion can shelter insects, vermin or small aggressive animals. Scratching his dodo corner is useful, according to him, to chase them away. He will still be able to appreciate the comfort of his cushion if it is of good quality.

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A way to mark your territory

Scratching your pillow before bed can be considered being an instinctive behavior. The dog may have inherited it from its ancestors who lived in the wild in very remote times. Cushion scratching can mean territory marking. The glands at the level of the pads of the animal will be used to spread a characteristic odor of the dog, which he will easily recognize on his sleeping area.

Maintaining the ideal temperature

Cushion temperature maintenance

This next reason is to be observed especially in winter. Scratching the cushion before bed is for the dog a way to maintain the ideal temperature. It will be a more or less effective way of warming the cushion.

Energy release after inactivity

When the dog is forced to stay inside the house for a good part of the day, it is necessary for him to find a way to exert oneself physically. Scratching the sleeping pad can be a fun game that will stretch your paws. The sleep corner can turn into a play corner.

When should you worry about your dog’s behavior?

dog behavior

The fact that his dog scratches his sleeping pad is a behavior that should not worry. However, there are certain behaviors that deserve greater attention. Taking the time to recognize these worrisome behaviors will help keep the dog healthy, or at least treat it if a condition is present. The first sign that should alert the owner of the animal is its passivity. If he is less happy or even sad, if he is struggling to play as usual, this can be a sign of indisposition.

Another behavior that should alert is how often the animal has a bowel movement. If he does not do it often or if, on the contrary, he does a little too much, this is behavior that should arouse the curiosity of its owner. In any case, it is important not to sit idly by and contact the veterinarian. The latter is the best placed to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the situation.

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