why doesn’t everyone know yet?

Veterinary clinic in panic: why doesn’t everyone know yet?

Three emergency patients in a few days, a German veterinary clinic is sounding the alarm so that it does not happen again.

The Facebook post from the Panitzsch Veterinary Clinic in Germany is like a desperate plea for help. And this is more than necessary since three dogs had to be treated there urgently at the beginning of May. The owners of these animals did not even realize that they were at fault for these hospitalizations…

It was therefore time to make people aware of the dangerousness of this act, which nevertheless seems harmless.

Dangerous self-medication

Arrived with bleeding lesions and kidney damage, the three dogs involved had all received ibuprofen for humans. On Facebook, the veterinarian indicated how dangerous these drugs could be for animals, even fatal.

©Tierklinik Panitzsch / Facebook

It is precisely for this reason that only drugs developed for animals and prescribed by veterinarians should be administered to our companions. Otherwise, the risk of harming them through ignorance is too great.

A rule to always keep in mind.

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