Why Google Cloud will become much more expensive?

Google Cloud announces new prices for its various services. Some prices are up, and the goal is to align with competition from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The affordable cost was once one of the main strengths of the Cloud. However, prices are gradually increasing and calling this advantage into question…

Over the past few years, Google Cloud has invested heavily in its portfolio of infrastructure products. Accordingly, the firm is announcing today a price increase of some of its products… and a price reduction for others.

The purpose of the operation is align Google Cloud prices and capabilities with the various workloads of its customers. That’s why Google Cloud wants to give its customers more choice in how they pay and new options.

Through a blog post, the General Manager of Google Cloud Infrastructure, Sachin Gupta, explains that the price changes planned by the firm will better align its offers with those of other leaders in the Cloud market. This will make it easier for customers to compare services between vendors.

New prices for storage, compute and networking services

Google Cloud plans to change prices for some storage, computing and networking services. Users will benefit from new ways to optimize their expenses based on the type and size of the workload or their data mobility needs.

The price of cloud storage for data mobility including replication of data written to multi-region buckets will increase. This is also the case for access to inter-region data.

On the other hand, a new archive snapshot service for persistent disk will be offered at a lower cost. People using the service for archiving or compliance will pay less than those using Google Cloud for heavy DevOps workloads.

Customers will pay soon $0.019 per GB in regional, and $0.024 per GB in multi-region. These prices will also apply to the initial snapshot creation. Thereafter, standard regional snapshots will be charged at $0.05 per GB per month, and multi-regional snapshots will cost $0.065 per GB per month. This is an increase of 0.026 GB per month.

Furthermore, the price of data processing for Cloud Load Balancing will align with those offered by AWS and Microsoft Azure. Finally, the Network Topology service launched free of charge in 2021 will become a paid product priced at $0.0011 per hour per resource used. A performance dashboard will be added to the Network Intelligence Center to compensate for this price increase.

These price changes will take effect from October 1, 2022. However, the impact will depend on how customers use cloud services. Some will pay more, but others will pay less. Changes may be made by Google before these new prices take effect.

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