Why Malinois fashion is a real scourge

On the side of the road, fighting to survive; in the pound boxes, waiting for the lethal sting; in ill-intentioned hands or, for the lucky ones, in a foster family*… This is where more and more abandoned Malinois are found.

A “desperate situation” noted by Marie Perez, president of the Zoom association. “Always as many or even more abandonments every day. And always so much business around, always so many irresponsible adoptions… And always the same ones who toast”deplores the one who receives about five daily reports for this single breed of dog, most of which are in a deplorable state, cachectic.

They have indeed been paying the price of a fashion effect for a few years (like the Huskies or the Spitz in particular, whose coat is unsuitable for high temperatures, or even the molossers). In addition to purchases via legal breeding, there are numerous clandestine transactions, which mostly go through social networks. Many dogs are sold in defiance of the law (a Siren number is compulsory for breeding) and without the necessary advice – not to mention the uncontrolled reproductions linked to the absence of sterilization.

Contacted once again on the measures put in place to fight against these brown farms, neither the DEETS nor the DAAF (prefecture services competent respectively in the repression of fraud and animal welfare) responded to our requests. .

Need to exert themselves and unload their tensions

However, these channels fuel impulse purchases, while welcoming a dog is a heavy commitment, which some do not always measure. And the Malinois not only has needs as a sentient being, but also needs specific to his race. “These are dogs that need a lot of interaction with humans, and a lot of activity,” explains a veterinarian from the island.

Indeed, full of energy, intelligent, dedicated and very sensitive, these dogs need to be stimulated several hours a day, both physically and intellectually, to feel good. Reason why these animals which are part of the Belgian shepherds are considered as working dogs and used in particular by the police. They need an active master with time and patience.

“Where sometimes things go wrong with the Malinois is when the owners are unable to respond to the many requests”says the veterinarian. “They need to exert themselves and release their tensions, otherwise they can develop behavioral and aggressive disorders”, specifies Laurie Carlotti, of the association Pa d’Ac. Which unfortunately too often leads to abandonment, in a context where wandering is already a real scourge.

* being a foster family allows you to collect an animal in need, in collaboration with an animal protection association which will take care of the veterinary and food costs and find an adoptive family for it.


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