Why Medicare has changed its reception rules

Others say they have come a long way, have consumed gasoline for nothing, complain about the long waits when trying to make phone calls. Since February 10, the public is only received by appointment, must leave a slip to be recontacted or is invited to fall back on digital tools. “Which is difficult for people who don’t speak French well,” remarks this lady who denounces a lack of information.

Back to normal

This one-off measure should allow advisers to process files related to Covid-19, the volume of which has never been measured before. “We don’t push people away, we orient them differently”, corrects the departmental services of the primary fund. With the health situation, the stock of daily allowances to be processed for people on leave has exploded. This requires mobilizing more staff for their management. 280 agents operate health insurance services in Lot-et-Garonne.

“If we don’t settle the daily allowances of the insured as quickly as possible, some will no longer have enough to live on”

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