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OUR ADVICES – The solution has everything to seduce couples who place the protection of their spouse at the top of their concerns.

Few investments can be subscribed to two. Life insurance allows spouses to do so. What is the point of making a joint contract in this way? This provides couples with secure savings and gives them the option of deciding whether the capital will be paid out upon the death of one of them, or only upon the death of the survivor. In both cases, “the couple creates a pocket of savings which they subject to real joint management: their two signatures are required to make redemptions or change beneficiaries. This is not required if a spouse opens a contract alone, even if he feeds it with common funds”, explains Pascal Lavielle, Head of Wealth Engineering, Taxation and Pensions at BNP Paribas Cardif. Impossible to empty the contract or modify its beneficiary without the knowledge of the other.

As for the other benefits, they differ depending on whether the contract ends on the first or second death, a final choice to be made at subscription. The main interest of the first option is to avoid…

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