Will Google become a future CRM for the hotel industry?

The challenge is not to criticize for the sake of criticizing, but to analyze beyond the announcements.

As we had assumed, a year ago with the first step on Google Travel, the Mountain View firm would have the inclination to become a super-aggregator in the sector.

By offering free booking links, the search engine teams hope to see accelerate the number of establishments registered on Google and its various brands. In 2021, he operated a garbage collector, he is going to vacuum the construction site in 2022.

It is certain that there is a desire to be a super-aggregator. The big problem with Google is that the yellow pages don’t exist anymore, so the ads are drowned in the results,“explains this person to us.

In the past, the firm has often been sanctioned for display in its search engine, since the Internet user can hardly distinguish between GAFA services, sponsored links and natural results.

From now on with this novelty, the hotelier’s site seems to come up first, according to the example in the press release.

And as said so well Tom Cook, the boss of Apple to tackle Facebook, “if it’s free, you are the product!“A statement confirmed by the expert interviewed.

With these proposals, either they target the data, they will undoubtedly collect it badly, or the traffic.

In addition, hoteliers are unable to process and collect customer data. Moreover, hotels are not direct customers of Google. ”


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