Wilov, the insurance that encourages its customers to adopt responsible use of their car in Amiens

“We are the first insurance company to encourage its customers to use their vehicles responsibly”, smiles Pierre Stanislas. With Anne-Claude Pont and Philippe Breuils, he is at the origin of Wilov, a digital insurance based on the concept “pay when you drive”.

“Our insurance contract is adjusted every month depending on the days you drive. There is no concept of kilometers with us: you pay an insurance which covers your vehicle when stationary and which triggers a 24-hour flat rate when you drive.he explains.

Concretely, after having subscribed to the Wilov offer in video, the insured equips his car with a badge. This comes to “wake up” the installed application when a driver gets behind the wheel of his vehicle. “The badge is simply intended to ensure that it is indeed a car insured with us and that it is in motion”, details the entrepreneur. The first insurance application on the Apple and Android stores, Wilov now has twelve employees, accounts for five million insurance premiums per year and has covered some ten million journeys since its creation.

Today, Wilov has customers between the ages of 18 and 77. ©Pixabay

Reinvent the customer relationship

“It all started with a personal need. By discussing with Philippe, with whom I was in preparation, and Anne-Claude, who is a former colleague, we noticed that there were many areas for improvement in the insurance sector. We wanted to offer a transparent, readable offer and to reinvent the customer relationship », notes Pierre Stanislas. Together, they imagine an all-risk product with breakdown assistance. “At the time, digital insurance did not exist, we saw it as a development opportunity without competing with historical players”he adds.

To make their project a reality, the founders need to find a partner capable of bearing the risk. They approach Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, an innovative player who is used to forging partnerships with start-ups, which integrates the adventure. “We share common values, in particular environmental values: We encourage our customers to adopt responsible use of their car, which may seem paradoxical for insurance”observes Pierre Stanislas.

Amiens as a rear base

If the founders work from Paris, the great west or even Barcelona, ​​90% of the employees are based in Amiens. “When we launched, we conducted an experiment with a company based in Amiens around customer service. We have found a very interesting talent pool here with very varied profiles”, remembers Pierre Stanislas. So when the company internalized this service, it chose to keep its teams in Amiens.

“The quality of the customer relationship is essential for us, the fact of having very different people has allowed us to create a particular spirit, to be authentic and that is what appeals to our customers”points out the co-founder who also evokes the dynamism of the northern city.

“A lot is happening in Amiens, we are attached to this local anchorage”, assures Pierre Stanislas. Wilov’s Amiens team is set to grow, depending on the company’s developments which, after having offered an insurance solution for classic cars, continues to observe the market.

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