With The Qubit Game, Google lets you build your own quantum computer

Google offers a game to discover the quantum computer. The Qubit Game wants to arouse interest around the discipline.

This Thursday April 14 was the occasion to celebrate the World day of quantum science and technology. You did not know it ? It’s done. A certain number of initiatives have been carried out to honor this aspect of science which is still very little known. Google participated in the event and the American giant offered a somewhat special game, The Qubit Game.

Google offers a game to discover the quantum computer

The Mountain View firm does not often miss the opportunity to play and to play. The Qubit Game, as 9to5Google discovered, is a game created in collaboration with Doublespeak Games, “a playful journey to build a quantum computer, one qubit at a time,” as Google explains. The company also hopes that this game, and the World Day for Quantum Science and Technology as a whole, will make it possible to arouse interest and arouse curiosity around this field of application.

The game revolves around Qubits, the most basic block of a quantum computer. Everything is very simple to understand – you don’t need any knowledge of maths or quantum physics – your objective being to increase the number of Qubits while keeping them cold. The more Qubits you have, the harder it is. As you progress, you’ll “discover new improvements, complete great research projects, and become, perhaps, a little more interested in quantum computer design,” wrote Google Quantum Director of Education Abe. Asfaw.

The Qubit Game wants to arouse interest around the discipline

The goal with this game is to draw attention to quantum computing. It would indeed seem that today there is a severe lack of brains in this field of application. To do this, Google has decided to bring this game into the classroom, hoping to encourage educators to talk about this discipline and thus expand access to research on quantum computing.

“We need more students to pursue careers in quantum computing and understand what being a quantum scientist or engineer looks like,” said Abse Asfaw. “For me, that’s precisely what it’s all about with this World Quantum Science and Technology Day: Showing everyone what quantum computing is and how they can get involved.”

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