Without license or insurance, and in a state of recidivism in Creil

While he had his license suspended for driving under narcotics, Ramzi Ichem Sahraoui, 26, was surprised by police on patrol on May 4, rue d’Herbeval in Creil, driving a vehicle. This is not insured.

Arrested and taken into custody at the police station, the defendant refuses drug screening tests.

Eighteen entries in his criminal record

“The police lied. I was not driving. That’s why I refused the tests.” he said, Friday, May 6, at the Senlis criminal court.

With eighteen mentions in his criminal record, for theft, violence, possession of narcotics, refusal to comply, driving without a license and under narcotics, this was not his first attempt. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison under electronic surveillance at home, and a criminal fine of 200 euros for lack of insurance. He is prohibited from retaking his license, which has been canceled for a period of six months.


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