Without money but with dog and cat, Erwan travels France by bike

Erwan, with his dog and his cat, takes the time to meet people. ©Michel David (Facebook).

Erwan, from Normandy, chose not to give his name. He embarked on a journey amazing at cycling through Francein the middle of winter and penniless ! As if these conditions were not enough, it travelalso with Vive, her cat and Bendo, her dog.

Erwan stopped over at Rohan (Morbihan) , at Le Cheval Blanc café: “I stopped at the bar. I was very well received by the boss who bought me a beer. Then comes Cyril, a client who joins the conversation. Erwan and Cyril sympathize so well that the second invite the first to spend the night at home“We have to be united. I put myself in his place and I too would have liked someone to offer me accommodation”, testifies Cyril.

Praise of slowness

Leaving Essonne on October 23, 2021, Erwan has been criss-crossing cycle lanes and roads for almost four months now. “I made a complete tour of my Normandy by finishing at Mont Saint-Michel”. Past the Couesnon, he drove towards West and Brittany.

No records to beat, averages to respect and even no final destination Erwan’s choices are dictated by the encounters.

It’s a journey of slowness. I don’t do more than 25 kilometers a day and I prefer the human to the distances covered.


A happy wanderingwithout imperatives of time or geography.

His appetite for encounters

Erwan’s driving force is therefore his appetite for meet.

“Making the trip without money forces me to meet people. My shortest day was 1.8 km! I was struggling with a laptop battery. I finally found a lady. I helped her move for two days and in exchange, she offered me a room . »

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He concedes that leaving without money is a bit like leaving naked. Moreover, he does not deny the reference to the program “Nudes & Culottes” on France 5 which consists of going on the road without money and without any clothes to put on. Naturally affable, Erwan nevertheless started by making knots in the brain to ask for a simple coffee.

When I went to a bar in the morning, I had trouble getting in front of customers. I made presentations that were too long. What matters in the end is to get close to the customers and speak loud and simple.


If Erwan is dependent on the kindness of his contemporaries, he nevertheless refuses certain values. “One of my worst memories is of having been hosted because my hosts had pityof me “. Moreover, the young thirty-year-old is equipped with a tent and settles without complaining at the bottom of the garden. His only moral obligation is to take care of his animals.

Helena’s smile

Touched by the generosity of people , Erwan wondered along the way. “I have a sister who died of leukemia in a sterile room at the age of 32. At the hematology department of Caen University Hospital, I remembered a association who had helped her during the illness. After a month on my bike, I contacted this association called Le Sourire d’Héléna. It is the doctor who treated my sister who sponsors these works. They try toimprove everyday life people with leukemia by bringing good food, exercise bikes, posters. »

So, to give extra meaning to his trip, the adventurer becomes the ambassador of Héléna’s Smile:

Wherever I go, I give the contact details of the association but I don’t collect any money.


The €300 raised in three months goes for Vive, her cat, and for Bendo. “My dog ​​is the one who sets the pace of the days because he’s not in a cart and he doesn’t rest on the descents! »

Erwan, like a sponge, receives good and bad vibes, accepts the vagaries of the weather. The wanderings and the runawaysoften end up in front of the ocean. Will it be like this for Erwan le Normand?

What is certain is that nothing is certain. So he will continue towards Nantes like a barge on the canal. “Tomorrow night, I don’t know where I will be!” “.

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