Wolf from the Monts d’Arrée: “atypical” behavior that raises questions – The wolf is back in Brittany

The president of the National Sheep Federation (FNO) of Brittany, Gilles Morvan, sat for ten years on the wildlife commission of the FNSEA, in charge of large predators. According to him, the canine reported twice in the Arrée mountains, in the last ten days, has “a completely atypical behavior”. “The wolf generally progresses by half a department per year; it would have crossed three departments at once. It is said to be fearful and difficult to see: ours comes within 20 meters of a house and shows no fear of humans. All of this is very surprising”, doubts the sheep breeder from Lopérec (29), judging that “we are crying wolf a little quickly”.

The urgency of a protocol

“The French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) is required to carry out a DNA analysis from the animal’s droppings or hair. This is the only way to determine with certainty if we are indeed dealing with a wolf, a protected species. In this case, there is an urgent need to set up a wolf management and herd defense protocol. Or, if it is a hybrid wolf or a Czech shepherd (Editor’s note: domestic wolf-dog resulting from a cross between a German shepherd and a Carpathian wolf) who themselves do not subject to the same rules”, develops Gilles Morvan, who goes so far as to put forward the hypothesis of “an animal taken from an animal park to be knowingly introduced into Brittany”.

In search of traces of the animal

Speculations that make wildlife photographer Emmanuel Holder, curator of two nature reserves in the Arrée mountains for Bretagne Vivante, whose camera captured the images of the wolf in motion, in early May, in Berrien (29). “Based on a range of clues and confirmed by strange specialists, the identification of the wolf by the experts of the French Office for Biodiversity is indubitable”, he assures. “If we can ask ourselves the question of how the wolf got there, we can in no way doubt that it is a wolf, video in support”, continues the naturalist. As for the DNA test, “it will be carried out as soon as the OFB agents have found a footprint, droppings or hair from the animal to be analyzed. They are looking for “.

The wolf is back in Brittany

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