Wolves, otters, kittens … Animals adopt the codes of the streaming platform to find a refuge

Turn your computer into a chicken coop or an aquarium? It is possible with Twitch. Since November 2021, the American live streaming platform has created a section specially intended for animals: Animals, Aquariums and Zoo, to the delight of nature lovers. The launch of this section has allowed animal associations to be reborn and has triggered a great race for the audience to raise awareness among the Twitch public about the animal cause.

By immersing yourself with the 83,000 people subscribed to this category, you will meet lawnmower rabbits, snoring cats, raccoons in search of food… A whole bestiary of which the around thirty wolves sheltered by the WolfConservationCenter are the stars. The channel is one of the heavyweights of the section with more than 41,000 subscribers, in just over a year of direct.

With 18 cameras placed throughout the site, the daily life of three families of wolves in captivity, spread over a large area imitating their natural habitat, is broadcast live and without interruption.

pampered kittens

Its neighboring section, CuteAvalanche, attracts 15,000 subscribers thanks to star residents of the web: small cats. “It’s a family project, our goal is to save shelter kittens from death in order to welcome them to our home, take care of them and offer them for adoption with the Kitten Rescue Los Angeles association. We currently host four and have collected over 200 since we began operations five years ago,” says Sam Proof.

Eight cameras are pointed at the kittens and are available to viewers, who can enter a specific command in the stream chat to switch cameras. Only two cameras out of eight are transmitted to the screen. The animals are in a large cage divided into several compartments and are the object of all the attention of the owner of the premises.

“Animals, Aquariums & Zoo” quickly became a shelter for these endangered or abandoned animals. Spectators can follow their eventful days and nights (or not), as if they were there. Before this category, animal streams were randomly placed in different sections: science, just chatting (the “miscellaneous” section of the platform), and even ASMR for wolves whose howls rubbed shoulders with the sound experiments of stars of the genre. .

The creation of this category therefore allows these structures to gain visibility and reach more audiences. For an association, large or small, the presence on Twitch makes it possible to revisit fundraising. Viewers can donate to the channels they follow and contribute to the welfare of these animals by providing financial support.

CuteAvalanche guarantees total transparency of donations by offering a list of products solely dedicated to kittens. Spectators are invited to pick from this list, ensuring that their donations directly support the needs of the animals.

In addition to donations, WolfConservationCenter relies on the platform to recruit a new generation of supporters: “The center offers several outreach and education programs. We really want to reach as many people as possible, and Twitch offers a new audience that we can’t find anywhere else. We want to educate people about wolves and break the myth and fear around them,” says Mark Ode, the center’s deputy director.

France relies on one-off events

France, it is absent subscribers. The category is very empty, no association has yet launched on the platform. Tricolor associations favor one-off charitable actions to modernize their fight. The 30 Million Friends Foundation, a pillar structure in the fight for animals in France, thus united in December 2021 with the icons of French Twitch under the name of Justiciers du Cœur in order to lead a campaign against animal abuse. .

Although the event was initially only intended to raise public awareness, it nevertheless raised more than €155,000 thanks to the Justiciers du Cœur. The first attempt reassured the Foundation. She now says she is ready to “develop according to the criteria of Twitch and go live”. Planning to expand her Justiciers du Cœur team for the next charity event, she also plans to launch on the platform, but with informative and fun live streams.

“Rather than putting cameras on and watching the animals, I would like to create a meeting on practical advice on animal welfare and how to take good care of them,” explains Reha Hutin, President of the Foundation. . It really has to be something very useful, while being playful to keep the DNA of Twitch. It will probably happen at the Tuilerie refuge. It would be great to do a live every week on Twitch from the adoptions that have taken place, people who come to adopt, the different stages of adoption etc. The association also travels to its partner shelters and plans to highlight these small voluntary structures through Twitch.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation is staying tuned and is currently working on its next charity event in addition to its Twitch debut. The project to embark on the Metaverse is also on his list, there is no time to lose to protect the animals, the 30 Million Friends Foundation is standing in the starting blocks, ready to enter the race .

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