Woman saw her fiancé with his dogs on hidden camera, she called off the wedding after seeing him


Dogs: It is normal to look for certain qualities in a couple before committing for life, such as intelligence, sense of humor, kindness, romanticism… It is important to take everything into account, including the way he treats our families and our pets.

This is what led the woman in the story that we present to you today to install a hidden camera in her house and keep an eye on her fiancé before getting married.

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Ninna Mandin is 26 years old and lives in Brazil with her two best friends, two small dogs (French bulldogs).

She started noticing that when she got home her dogs had bruises, which didn’t seem to be from play with each other, as they hadn’t had any before and they had been living together for a long time.


She decided it was time to set up a camera in her living room to see what was going on when she went to work and her fiancé stayed home with them, without telling her of course.

When Ninna came home from work and saw the footage, she was horrified. Her fiancé was responsible for all the bruises and injuries to her dogs.

After seeing him, she immediately called off the wedding, she couldn’t marry someone who showed such animal cruelty, and she didn’t know if he would ever do it for her.

To show how her fiancé really was and what happened, Ninna decided to post the video on social media and demanded that he be charged with animal abuse.

Due to the way the news has spread around the world, the police are already investigating the case and want Ninna and her son to testify about what happened. We hope that justice will be done and that these two little Bulldogs can return to live peacefully with Ninna.

We don’t have the video available as it has been deleted.

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