Woman sends special farewell to her elderly dog ​​who is living her last days (video)

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Bleu, a senior and seriously ill dog, had only a few days left to live. For the little time he had left to spend on this Earth, his mistress decided to spoil him, in particular by offering him all kinds of treats usually forbidden to canines.

A very moving video, that of a woman’s special farewell to her dog living her last days, has gone viral on TikTok. It totals hundreds of thousands of views and has generated many comments from affected users, often to tears, reports Newsweek.

The dog in question is Blue, a black-coated Labrador Retriever who was seriously ill. His owner, a Florida piercing professional calling herself piercings_by_calah on TikTokgave some details in the comments of his video.

We thus learn that Blue, 13, suffered from a very aggressive form of cancer, which did not leave him long to live. The disease had made him lose part of his faculties and a lot of weight.

She wanted to make these last moments she was given to spend with him joyful and filled with pure pleasure. To spoil him, the owner of Blue fed him a variety of things you shouldn’t usually feed dogs.

piercings_by_calah / TikTok

Pizzas, fried chicken and other treats

The Labrador feasted by tasting cheese tacos, pizza or fried chicken for his final meals, before his departure for the Paradise of the dogs.

This is what we can see in the video that she posted at the end of March on the social network.


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A publication that has aroused a multitude of testimonies of affection and support in the comments. ” I’m sorry you all had to go through this. I’m a vet assistant and sometimes the only comfort you can provide is food they haven’t had “, can we read in one of them.

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